Carmera Module

TC2107 (H-190)

For Rearview Camera


Appearance and mechanism design comply with vehicle safety regulations.


195°(H) Ultra-wide Angle with zero Dead End can clearly capture surround view of vehicles to ensure drivers' safety.


Output image 1280x720 can cleary capture environmentally outside view of vehicles.


International Protection Marking | IP68/IP69


FOV 200°(D) , 190°(H) , 128°(V)
F no 1.8
Lens Composition 2G+5P+1IR
Sensor Specification Sony, 1/3.8" CMOS_HDR(ISP Embedded)
Sensor Dynamic range 120dB
Output Resolution 1280 X 720
Frame Rate 30fps
Output Format HD-TVI
Power Input 5V
Power Consumption 590mW(5V/118mA)
Dimensions 23X23X29.53mm(with out support)
Operating Temperature -30°C~85°C
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
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