Driving Recorder


For Vehicle


The trapezoidal design complied with vehicle safety regulation makes camera module lighter and more active.


AI Camera Module automatically measures rearview distance and vehicle type. When vehicles come approaching, the system will remind driver to take care of oncoming vehicles.


115°(H) Ultra-wide Angle with zero Dead End can clearly capture surround view of vehicles to ensure drivers' safety.


Output image 2560x1440 (HDR high dynamic range) can cleary capture environmentally outside view of vehicles.



* It's just a installation diagram without connecting cable.


After installing DVR(TC2010) and AI Camera Module(TC2008), it can collect images of external situation in real time to detect moveless and dynamic object, identify, track and transmit information to drivers for attention to danger on road in the shortest time.




FOV 135°(D), 115°(H), 65°(V)
F no 1.6
Output Resolution 2560 x 1440
2304 x 1296
1920 x 1080
1280 x 720
800   x 480
Frame Rate 29.1/9.7/3.2
Sensor  Sony Startvis 5M sensor
Sensor Specification 2560 x 1440
Sensor Dynamic range Multiple exposure HDR
Power Input 12V
Power Consumption 360mA ± 40mA
Operating Temperature -10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~85℃
LCD Size 2.7 inch
Product Size 89.58 x 55.73 x 38.67 mm

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